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Can You Work Illegally in the U.S. – U.S. Immigration Employment

U.S. immigration employment is a touchy subject, even now as the undocumented immigrant population grows in the United States and the immigration issue is front and center in U.S. politics.

That fact is that US Immigration bonds are only needed when an illegal is arrested and detained, but there are lots of illegal immigrants all over the United States that live and work freely for decades without arrest.

According to PEW Research Center, the U.S. workforce includes 8 million unauthorized immigrants as of 2014 [1]. Illegal immigration employment is highest in the agricultural section. A whopping 53% of all illegal immigrants work as farmers, compared to the second highest indU.S.try, 15% as construction workers [2].

Immigrants are going to continue to work illegally in the U.S., so let’s learn more about them.

Is it Legal to Hire Undocumented Immigrants?

No. It is unlawful to employ an unauthorized alien and to continue to employee an unauthorized alien [3].

So How Are Undocumented Aliens Able to Work Illegally in The U.S.?

The companies that hire illegal immigrants are part of the same system because they benefit from the work that illegal immigrants provide at cheaper costs.

Illegal immigrants that work picking strawberries “Are earning $10,000 a year,” much less than American citizens would request for the same back-breaking work [4]. While it’s cheaper to hire illegal immigrants, business will always be willing to look the other way when it comes to obviously false paperwork.

How Do Illegal Immigrations Get Jobs in the U.S.?

Let’s look at a specific industry to see how it’s done; take for example, the restaurant industry. According to Eater, 20% of all cooks in American restaurants are likely undocumented [5]. They approach a restaurant owner or manager and ask for a job. Once hired, they fill out an I-9 and a W-4, and they submit documentation including a valid I.D. and social security number.

Just like everyone else, right? Not so much.

The restaurant manager simply turns a blind eye and says that the info they’ve received is good enough. If caught they will go to jail, but they can simply say that the name on the paperwork matched the name they were give and the I.D. looks like them, so they don’t ask questions.

How Do Illegal Immigrants Get Jobs Without A Social Security Number?

So, what about SSN? Well it’s actually up to employers to verify social security numbers. That’s enough to avoid any penalties from the court; thus, illegal immigration employment exists in that grey area.

Is It Legal for Employers to Pay Illegal Immigrants Under the Table?

No. Under the table implies that the payment would be made in cash and it would not be reported to the IRS. This is technically illegal. This is because the employee avoids paying taxes, and so does the business.

Where Can Illegal Immigrants Work?

There are lots of companies that hire illegal immigrants. As we have proven here, it is easy to work illegally in the U.S., as long as you pick the right industry.

Farming, construction, and hospitality are industries that are so reliant on illegal immigrants to function that they simply could not turn them away. The truth is that illegal immigrants do have some rights in the U.S., though none of those rights relate to work.



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