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At Us Immigration Bonds & Insurance Services, we do not just work with immigrants on a regular basis, but we are immigrants or the children of immigrants ourselves. As a family-owned and operated bond company, we understand just how important family is and how scary the threat of being torn apart is. The immigration laws in the United States are complicated and the process of getting an immigration bond can be confusing as well. You need someone in your corner who not only understands these intricacies but who is also compassionate and understanding of your situation. Our goal is to reunite your detained loved one with your family as quickly as possible. We even offer same day Colorado bail bonds so that your loved one can return home before bedtime.

Understanding and Knowledgeable Colorado Bail Bonds

When you call us, we understand that your emotions are running high. You are probably scared, confused, and angry. That is okay. As nationwide immigration bail bondsmen, we have the experience you need to take the right action. We work with immigrants in these difficult situations each day so let us get you the bail bond in Colorado that your family needs.

Below is an immigration bond acceptance facility in Colorado that you need to be aware of:

Street Address Suite/Room City State Zip Phone
3130 N. Oakland Street Denver Contract and Detention Facility (GEO) Aurora CO 80010 (303) 361-0723

Getting your loved one out of that detention center could be just a phone call and a Colorado bail bond away. Do not wait to make the call. We will get the necessary information and let you know what your options are.

Same Day Release Colorado Bail Bonds

Your loved one is a member of your family by blood or even by bond and families need to stay together. If ICE detained your loved one in Arizona, we understand that you want them back home immediately. With our help, your loved one may be out on the same day.

Not only do you want them out of that dreaded detention center, but time is now also limited. Once your loved one is released, your family will want to begin getting their affairs in order. The process of petitioning to legally remain in the country can be lengthy so you want to begin as soon as possible. It can be difficult to do this when your loved one is still in a detention center and you are not freely able to communicate with them.

Do not wait to get the help you need. Call us immediately to get the process started so that your family can stay together.  The first step is finding your loved one. Use the ICE’s Online Detainee Locator System to locate your loved one in one of the Colorado detention facilities listed below.

From bail bonds in Colorado Springs to bail bonds throughout the state, we offer one of the lowest rates you will find in the industry. We offer an affordable rate starting at just 2% of the bond amount plus a $40 filing fee. For us, it is not about the money, it is about reuniting families, and we will be with you through every part of this journey.

If your loved one has been detained in the state of Colorado, do not hesitate. Take action and call us immediately at 1-800-225-2587 to learn how you can get a bail bond in Colorado. There are so many challenges that immigrants face today, do not make immigration bonds more complicated than they need to be.


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Fedelin Celestin
Fedelin Celestin
04:28 04 Jul 17
The best company ever. They same day I did sign all the paper work the same day they make sure my cousin release. They make everything easy for me. Thank you very much team of us immigration bonds.
Naele Gilchrist
Naele Gilchrist
23:28 31 Oct 16
US immigration bonds were absolutely the best they were super professional. When I was down and out when my husband was detained by immigration they were very caring , knowledgeable, and patient. I called them a thousand times and they were very empathic and helpful everytime I called. they reassures me that everything would be fine, and that they would help me my husband, and my children be reunited again. They did everything they could to get me a same day release. They exceeded my expectations. I would not recommend any company other than US immigration bonds. Us immigration bonds, under promises and over fulfills. They were a true blessing ! Thank you so much more
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly
19:11 05 Nov 14
Jeremy Wolf and his agency have been a terrific resource for me as I delve into this foreign world of bonding a friend out of jail so he and his wife can work on his case on the "outside." Jeremy has been unfailingly polite and informative and his video regarding how to complete the necessary forms was a valuable tool too. The entire process was quick and relatively easy. I especially appreciated not having to deal with a jaded, impatient, figure--it-out-yourself kind of person when I was treading in really unfamiliar territory. My questions were always answered quickly and efficiently.I highly recommend this company in your time of need for quick, efficient and professional service with no attitude or more
Lashae Crowford
Lashae Crowford
22:29 09 Jan 18
very Helpful!! thank you
Patricia Howerton
Patricia Howerton
00:56 18 Nov 15
Jeremy Wolf, is compassionate and understanding. He has been there and done it with his own family, and together with his wife they dedicate their time and energy into helping other families come together. I know this because my husband was taken by ICE and his bond was set much higher than I could have imagined, having in my hands at any given time. ... With Jeremy, his wife and the rest of the team we were able to piece together the required 80% and set up a affordable and convient payment plan. It was a grueling process, at times I felt like I was going to loose all my hair, as I ran around selling homemade tamales, and had various other fund raisers going on, along with my husband being detained, I lost my home, my dog and my daughter and I pushed forward with the help and support of Jeremy and his team, if It wasn't for there hours of help and dedication, to put a previous bond for my nephew into action to help my husband, we wouldn't have been able to have him home for the Holidays. ... To Jeremy, Veronica, and Amber, who I spoke with often, and the other parts of the team who I was unable to catch their names, I THANK YOU, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!read more
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