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The United States has always been a melting pot for numerous ethnicities and cultures. While the foundation of America was built by immigrants, the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement have restrictions on who and how many immigrants can legally enter the U.S. a year as well as the legal status they can receive.

Most people are confused by the difference between a U.S. green card and U.S. citizenship; while both groups share some similarities, they are quite different.


The Main Difference Between A U.S. Green Card & U.S. Citizenship

U.S. citizens have the right to live in the United States forever and the right to vote.

Green Card Holders, also known as permanent residents, are allowed to live in the United States for as long as their green card is valid, and as long as they do not commit any crimes that are grounds for deportation.


Permanent Residents / Green Card Holders

After someone has immigrated to the United States, legal permanent residency is the first necessary step. Being a valid Green Card Holder means that the person has lawful rights to work and permanently reside in the United States.

Unfortunately, in certain situations, Green Card Holders may get detained by the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) due to their pending case. That’s where our immigration bonds and services come in. Also known as ICE Form I-352, an immigration bond is a federal surety used to secure the release of an individual living illegally within the United States. There are different types of immigration bonds, such as Delivery Bond and Public Safety Bond, that fulfill the requirements.

Upon release, the individual is to attend mandated hearings scheduled by the court.


Permanent Residents or Green Card Holders are NOT citizens

There are different ways that someone can obtain lawful permanent residency:

  1. A spouse, family member, or employer can sponsor (submit a visa petition) the immigrant;
  2. After receiving refugee status or asylum;
  3. Or winning the diversity visa lottery (offered in most countries).

Once legal residency is obtained, the immigrant receives a green photo identification card that allows them to:

  • Work and live in the United States permanently,
  • Travel and return to the United States,
  • Petition for Green Card status of other family members

While legal residency does, for the most part, grant you asylum from deportation, violation of any of the terms of residency (such as failure to report address changes, committing crimes, as well as acts of terrorism or espionage) are grounds for arrest by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and could result in deportation.

Green Card Holders are permitted to travel and return to the United States, but they are restricted in the amount of time that they can be away. Being outside of the United States for over the permitted amount of time could result in abandonment of their legal residency, and they can be denied re-entry into the United States.


United States Citizenship

Under the United States Immigration Law, U.S. Citizenship is the highest status of citizenship that someone can attain. U.S. Citizens are permitted to live in the United States indefinitely and are not subject to grounds of deportation that affect Green Card Holders. The only way to revoke an immigrant’s citizenship is if the immigrant committed fraud when they were applying.

U.S. citizens have the same rights as Green Card Holders, but they are also allowed to:

  • Vote in elections
  • Petition for distant relatives and in-laws to be granted asylum

After five or more years of good legal standing, the Green Card Holder can apply for U.S. citizenship (naturalization). Other ways of becoming a United States citizen include:

  1. Being born in the United States
  2. Being born overseas to a United States Citizen parent
  3. Living in the United States as a child when a parent undergoes naturalization
  4. Joining the United States military

Permanent residents are required to reapply for their legal status/green cards OR citizenship ten years after receiving their green cards. This will be required every ten years until they decide to become U.S. citizens or until they are denied permanent residence at any point.

There are a number of important forms to fill out in order to transfer from green card to citizenship along with a US citizenship test.

If you or your loved one is currently trying to obtain lawful residency while being detained, or if you have questions about the United States bail bond immigration system, please contact U.S. Immigration Bonds and Insurance Services. U.S. Immigration Bonds is a nationwide immigration bail bonds company. We specialize in immigration bail bonds and have ties with immigration attorneys across the United States.


Permanent Residents / Green Card Holders Can Be Deported

Legal permanent residents can be deported if they commit any crimes or actions that are considered grounds for deportation. The most common grounds for deportation are marriage fraud and aggravated or severe felonies.

Though a misdemeanor or felony alone will not guarantee deportation, severe felonies such as robbery, assault, or sexual misconduct will most likely result in deportation.


If you’d like more information about the difference between a U.S. green card and U.S. citizenship, U.S. Immigration Bonds offers unlimited resources for immigrants and detainees of ICE detention centers. The key to freedom is within reach; U.S. Immigration Bonds can help! Call 1-800-225-2587 today to speak with an immigration bail bonds specialist about your current immigration situation.


*Post updated February 5, 2020*

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Fedelin Celestin
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Naele Gilchrist
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Patricia Howerton
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Jeremy Wolf, is compassionate and understanding. He has been there and done it with his own family, and together with his wife they dedicate their time and energy into helping other families come together. I know this because my husband was taken by ICE and his bond was set much higher than I could have imagined, having in my hands at any given time. ... With Jeremy, his wife and the rest of the team we were able to piece together the required 80% and set up a affordable and convient payment plan. It was a grueling process, at times I felt like I was going to loose all my hair, as I ran around selling homemade tamales, and had various other fund raisers going on, along with my husband being detained, I lost my home, my dog and my daughter and I pushed forward with the help and support of Jeremy and his team, if It wasn't for there hours of help and dedication, to put a previous bond for my nephew into action to help my husband, we wouldn't have been able to have him home for the Holidays. ... To Jeremy, Veronica, and Amber, who I spoke with often, and the other parts of the team who I was unable to catch their names, I THANK YOU, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!read more
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