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The Most Powerful Books About Immigration

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Whether you are an immigrant yourself or not, chances are you know an immigrant in the United States. Because immigration is such a prevalent topic currently, it is important to stay informed. While it is good to follow the news and even perhaps watch a movie or two about the topic, do not forget about immigration in books. As providers of nationwide immigration bonds and bond insurance services, we work with people of varying immigration statuses on a regular basis and have compiled our list of the best books about immigration.

The Distance Between Us

With Trump’s rallying cry to build a wall, immigration from Mexico is a hot topic. The Distance Between Us is a memoir by Reyna Grande about her life in Mexico and her family’s prolonged journey to becoming illegal Mexican immigrants in the United States. In pursuit of the American dream, her father makes the leap first to the United States, and it is years until she is able to see him again.

The Girl Who Smiled Beads

Added to our list of books about immigration is The Girl Who Smiled Beads. The story follows Clemantine Wamariya as she witnesses the Rwanda genocide as a young child before escaping to refugee camps throughout Africa. As young girl, she is later granted asylum to the United States and begins her new life in the land of opportunity.

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down

The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down is another important story on our books about immigration list that will captivate your mind and grab your attention. Based on a true story, Anne Fadiman records the life of a young Hmong child and her family who immigrated to the United States. The book focuses on the clash of cultures between modern western medicine and the Hmong’s spiritual approach to health and the child caught in the crossfire.

We Too Sing American

If you are looking for an in-depth and current look at the challenges that immigrants face when coming to the United States, We Too Sing American is the book to check out. Written by activist Deepa Iyer, the politically-charged book discussing immigration takes a detailed look at the racist tension in the United States specifically against South Asian, Muslim, Arab, and Sikh people. 

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