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More Rejected Asylum Requests Under Trump

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If you are following the news at all, you know that the Trump administration and the Obama administration have very different views on immigration and very different immigration policies. With Trump in office, the policies regarding immigrants have become much stricter. One major example is with asylum seekers looking to stay in the United States.

At US Immigration Bonds & Insurance Services, we provide immigration bonds and work with immigrants every day. We want to keep you informed about the most up-to-date news regarding immigration laws and changes in the United States. While Trump’s idea of building a wall at the United States/Mexico border has received great attention, he has also pushed to reject asylum seekers looking to stay in the United States from Central American and countries around the world.

Stats on Asylum Seekers Rejected

Following the political climate we are currently in, immigration judges are rejecting more asylum requests. The 2018 fiscal year had 40% more total asylum decisions made than in 2017 with 65% of those decisions rejecting asylum seekers; Starting with a 42% asylum denial rate, this is the sixth year in a row that the number of rejected asylum requests have increased.1 This means that over half on all the people seeking asylum in the United States in recent years are being denied in immigration court, and the numbers are only continuing to increase. Also, unlike claims made by President Trump, these rejected asylum requests are not a result of decisions made in absentia (when the person seeking asylum does not appear for their court date). In fact, 89% of people seeking asylum showed up for their trial in 2017, and 91% were present for their trial in 2016.2

Because of the Trump administration’s unforgiving policies on asylum seekers, many people have simply given up on the idea of getting asylum in the United States. Of the 6,000 asylum seekers who came to Northern Mexico in late November from Honduras, more than 1,000 will stay in Mexico with work permits, and another 1,000 will return home.3

One of the many challenges that immigrants face is with the US asylum process. As an asylum seeker, you are required to follow the long immigration process; however, if you commit any violations, you could find yourself or a loved one awaiting trial in a detention center. If you or a loved one requires ICE immigration bonds or bond insurance services, please contact us today so we can answer all of your questions about immigration bonds, including immigration bond requirements and bond money refunds. We know you may be scared, but our nationwide immigration bond specialists want to help you.


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