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Immigration Court Grants Bond to Banker Brothers Wanted in Ecuador

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Brothers William and Roberto Isaias from Ecuador were arrested in Miami by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on February 13 this year. After being detained, the two were pending deportation. In immigration court, U.S. Judge Kathleen William ruled that the two brothers were unlawfully detained, and they were granted bail two days later.

Currently, the two brothers are wanted in Ecuador on charges for embezzling millions of dollars from Filanbanco. Although it no longer exists, Filanbanco was at one point the largest bank in Ecuador, and its collapse led to economic hardship throughout the country. The Isaias brothers have denied the allegations and claimed that the Ecuadorian government is responsible for the mismanagement and failure of the bank.


Since 2001, Ecuador’s government has sent multiple requests to extradite the wanted brothers, but the United States rejected the requests until now. One request denied the wanted brothers in Ecuador from extradition on the grounds that there was no evidence for their case. Another request was later denied because the Human Rights Commission of the United States stated that the South American country had denied the right to due process for the brothers. It is unclear why they were arrested recently, and the details of the case have not been released.


How the Immigration Bond Process Works

You may be wondering how to pay immigration bond or even what is an immigration bond? As providers of nationwide immigration bonds, we want to clear up the confusion on the process of getting an immigration bail bond.


In order to be eligible for an immigration bond or ICE From I-352, the brothers needed to have met certain immigration bond requirements. People not meeting these requirements include those who were detained at a port of entry into the country and those with certain convictions. Even if you request bail and you are eligible for an ICE bond, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will get it; the decision is up to the judge. In this case, Judge Kathleen William had the final call on whether or not the two brothers would get bail. The next step for the brothers wanted in Ecuador is to get an immigration bail bond from immigration bond specialists like us.


As nationwide immigration bondsmen, we want you to stay informed on all topics regarding immigration. The brothers wanted in Ecuador are just one example of immigrants in need of immigration bond services. At US Immigration Bonds & Insurance Services, we understand the challenges that immigrants face as well as the confusion and fear associated with the current state of immigration in the United States.


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