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Will You Be Affected by Immigration Civil War?

Immigration Civil war

In an age of fluctuating policies and torn loyalties, immigration has taken a front-row seat to the country’s political civil war. Now, immigrants are faced with the fear of being caught in the crossfires of this ongoing dual. On both ends of the spectrum, lawmakers are attempting to establish or revitalize rules to create a more effective immigration process.

One of the issues in the spotlight currently is that of families arriving at the border without green card citizenship. Previously, children were being separated from their parents who were then detained by the department of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). It is now illegal to separate children from their parents for an extended period of time. This is an act which most citizens would uphold, but there are other aspects of immigration policy which are more polarizing.

Despite constant alterations of policy, for good and for bad, many things remain the same for current immigrants.

Illegal immigrants, those with green card citizenship, and those with an ICE immigration bond are all entitled to basic constitutional rights; there have been no changes here thus far. These rights include those of religion and free speech. Also, the rights of green card holders have remained intact, second only to the rights included in actual US citizenship.

The policy which has undergone alteration remains as that of deportation of those with no green card citizenship or ICE immigration bond. If an illegal immigrant is detained within 14 days of their entrance and within 100 miles of their initial destination, then it is legal for him or her to be deported without the privilege of a court hearing. [1]

Unless the individual is seeking asylum, he or she can be deported without a trial. Policy regarding those seeking asylum has seen turbulent changes lately and still is inconclusive. Presently, though, immigrants within the country have nothing to fear—the same rules apply as before even amidst this chaotic climate.

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