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Obtaining the Money for An Immigration Bond | US Immigration Bonds

money for immigration bond

If a family member or friend is detained by the department of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), everyone connected will want to get them released as quickly as possible. For this to happen, one must purchase an ICE bond, bringing another issue into question: how to pay immigration bonds.

This can test loved ones nearly as much as having a family member separated from them. US Immigration Bonds seeks to make the process of purchasing a nationwide immigration bond much less stressful and complex.

There are two ways a group or individual can gather the necessary money and requirements for an ICE bond.

The first of these is through a cash bond. This requires that the family pay the full amount up front, ranging from $500 – $50,000 depending upon factors relating to the detainee. Prices range based upon family situation, employment, criminal history, and individual status.

While a family can pool funds together to pay this large sum, it still can be difficult to come up with the bigger amounts. The group should consider the price of the bail posted before deciding upon whether to pay the entire amount or not. This situation becomes even more difficult for individuals trying to gather the money together all on their own.

If the money is acquired, it should be taken to the local ICE and be paid in the forms of cash, money order, or cashier’s check. Or allow your immigration bondsmen to deliver the bond on your behalf.

An alternative option, though, is that of surety bonds. These involve bondsmen who will help pay for the nationwide immigration bond by way of their insurance company working with the DHS. A premium must be paid for this in place of paying the entire bond. Average bonds in Florida or Texas range from 15% – 20%.

Florida’s US Immigration Bonds offers to help individuals figure out how to pay immigration bonds by providing this service for the lower premium starting at just 2% of the bond amount plus a $40 filing fee.

Contact the bond experts at US Immigration Bonds & Insurance Services, Inc. for more assistance in acquiring the funds to get your loved one out of detainment.