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Increased Price of Immigration Bonds in Texas Linked to Immigration Reform

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The current state of immigration in the United States is a mess, for both immigrants and citizens, on both sides of the isle. Nothing illustrates frustrations more than the recent child separations at the U.S. border, especially in Texas. Family separation for illegal immigrants is the latest issue, highlighting a win and loss for both sides of the argument. But now, immigration bonds in Dallas, Austins, and other cities in Texas are set at higher prices than usual, making it even more difficult to reunite immigrant families. Separation is still an issue.

Is the price of immigration bonds in Texas set too high?

In the past, immigration judges set bond amounts at an average of $7,500, while now those immigration bonds prices in Texas have increased drastically, sometimes up to $25,000 for immigrants who are not a flight risk or safety risk.

Though detained immigrants can request an immigration bond be lowered, those without a strong send of immigration law or a full grasp on the language will likely run into trouble.

For immigrants, spending months in a detention center can be crippling. Away from their families, they have no way to organize their affairs and maintain relationships with potential employers or a steady source of income. Right now, the average wait time for a pending asylum case is 700 days, which is just a few weeks shy of 2 years.

The price of immigration bonds in Texas is life-changing, as well as being the only thing standing between an immigrant and the rest of their lives – something that immigration judges always consider when setting the price of an immigration bond.

The new “zero tolerance” policy that has been the hallmark of President Trump’s time in office has left its mark so far.

This new information comes on the heels of Trump’s recent back pedaling after enacting legislation, separating immigrants and their children at borders.

For arguably the first time in his career in office, President Trump has had to reverse a decision he has made on immigration. It’s shocking to think based on his current track record on immigration – the U.S. is still in the midst of a travel ban for all immigrants from “high risk” counties in the Middle East.

It seems the outrage over family separation may have finally caused the Trump administration to take pause and recount their standings in their stance on illegal immigration.

This month’s cover of Time magazine poetically sums up the current struggle of family separation for illegal immigrants, especially young children.

However, the policy of separation is still in effect, but in a subtler way. The price of immigration bonds in Texas is affecting how long families are separated. Families cannot afford a same day release bond and are forced to wait up to 700 days to see their loved ones who wait in detention centers.

Now more than ever, it’s so important to find an immigration bond company that can work with families to get families released.

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