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Scam Practices of Immigration Bondsmen

When ICE detains a family member, it quickly becomes a stressful time for everyone. Emotions are running high. You’re stressed about finances and getting your loved one released as soon as possible. It is in these times when families are high strung that some immigration bondsmen will take advantage and run their scam tactics. Here are some of the costly scams to be wary of when selecting an immigration bondsman in Fort Lauderdale:

The Bait and Switch

Some immigration bondsman may advertise prices lower than the standard 10% minimum premium that most states require. For example, you’re seeking out an immigration bondsman in Fort Lauderdale and come across an agency that requires you only pay 7% of the bond amount. This sounds great, but this tactic is only designed to lure families in distress through the doors. Once you begin to sign the paperwork, you may learn that the 7% is in fact the initial amount that needs to be paid, while the rest of the bond is covered through financing with high interest rates. Those high interest rates can cause you to pay more over time than you would had you gone to US Immigration Bonds to acquire the help of a bondsman.

Forcing Clients into Unethical Regulations

While not common, and certainly not a practice of US Immigration Bonds of Fort Lauderdale, some immigration bondsmen will attempt to force the individual posting the bond (Obligor) into unethical, but not illegal, contracts. For example, one immigration bonds company in Virginia forced detained immigrants to wear ankle bracelets at a charge of $420 a month. This served to ensure that they did not attempt to flee trial, however it is also unethical and discriminatory treatment.