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Do You Qualify for The Green Card Lottery?

The Green Card Lottery is something that a lot of non US citizens are very aware of. Every year, the United States Green Car Lottery issues roughly 55,000 permanent resident cards to immigrants from all over the world. Signing up for the lottery now can only put you in the lottery for a minimum of two years from now. With the hundreds of thousands of immigrants around the world applying for a Green Card, the probability of getting one issues to you is of course somewhat low. But if you meet the requirement, it is always a fantastic option to keep in mind.

US Immigration Bonds has been in the business of issuing immigration bonds to families all over the US and in South Florida. Rather than wait for the worst, start looking into options for permanent residency. Do you qualify for the Green Card Lottery? There are only three stipulations to check. Read below and consider the option for yourself.

1. Where are you from? – Be sure to check the USA Diversity Lottery website to see which countries do not qualify for the lottery. This list changes every year, so make sure your country doesn’t appear. Apply when you can; you never know if by the time you’re ready, your country is on the list.

2. Education – You need to have completed US high school or an equivalent of US high school. It must be the traditional 12-month program; passing the high school equivalent test will not give you eligibility to apply for the lottery. OR…

3. Job Experience – Go to the USA Diversity Lottery website and read through their list of qualifying job titles. If you have any experience in those fields for two or more years in the past five years, you are also eligible to apply for the Green Card Lottery.