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Racial Profiling Being Used on Immigrants Stopped at the Border

Racial profiling has always been an issue, but the Obama administration is making an effort to restrict the use of profiling. However, federal agents will still be permitted to use profiling as needed; such as in airports and immigration checkpoints.  

Law enforcement officials believe they should have more freedom on who they are allowed to stop and question. Although immigration has been a very controversial issue during the Obama Administration, they have revised the old policy on racial profiling, in light of the recent protests in New York and Ferguson.

The new racial profiling rules will expand the definition to include: religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Law enforcement will be prohibited from using any of the listed factors (and race) during criminal investigations and immigration cases. These factors may not be used as grounds for pulling someone over either.

The Department of Homeland Security argues the enforcement of the adjusted rules, because it is impossible to ignore race and/or ethnicity in immigration enforcement. Limiting factors, such as: race and national origin, are impractical when looking for illegal immigrants and properly enforcing the border.

While stereotypes can make members of their corresponding race upset, there are historical statistics that prove that members of certain races are more likely to commit crimes, as opposed to other races. The statistics do not mean that everyone of a specific race will fall victim to the stereotype, but they are more likely than others to fulfill the prophecy.