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Migrant Housing in South Florida

US Immigration Bonds has been helping non-citizen detainees get released from detention centers with immigration bonds across Miami. The migrant working population of South Florida is expanding. With that expansion comes the challenge of housing all the migrant workers that decide to make their homes in South Florida, especially around city hubs like Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Although a lot of migrant workers will find themselves working in agricultural industries, this is not the only industry that has seen a spike in the number of immigrants that make up their work force.

New challenges face counties and commissioners when it comes to migrant housing in South Florida. The Florida Department of Housing mentions three major obstacles when trying to create housing for migrant workers.

1. Difficulty finding the funds to allocate to the creation of new housing for migrant workers.

2. It becomes difficult to cover the overhead funds once the migrant workers move to their new location.

3. Already established communities do not want to interrupt and create an influx of new migrant housing.

As a temporary solution, camps are usually erected on farm lands owned by the farmer and some for profit organizations. Health codes are monitored and county health inspectors visit twice a quarter to ensure that standards are being met and kept. Private organizations have also gone through the US Department of Agriculture in an attempt to create subsidized housing for migrant workers. Communities that are created this way often become self-sufficient; they have places to cash their checks, stores and foods from their home countries.

The migrant workers are usually required to pay 30% of their total income in rent which on average comes to roughly $650. Communities are increasingly becoming a lot fuller with new amenities, local schools, and entertainment areas. The future for migrant housing in South Florida is still being created, and US Immigration Bonds will be here to help.