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How to Get an Immigration Bond?

How to Get Immigration Bond

After being arrested by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, immigrants are taken to a nearby detainment facility or a contracted local prison. These arrests can occur as the result of a simple traffic stop or as a more elaborate raid. In either case, immigrants and their loved ones are caught off guard by the arrests. They are suddenly separated from their families and loved ones with no idea when–or if– they will return. Fortunately, many are eligible for release through an immigration bond. This leaves immigrants and their loved ones alike wondering how to get an immigration bond.

Securing an immigration bond is dependent upon those at the ICE facility. A day or two after an immigrant is arrested, the agency will conduct an evaluation. During this process, factors like criminal history, employment status, family ties, and community standing will be considered. Those who are viewed favorably during this evaluation will likely be granted bond, while those with extensive criminal histories or other risk factors may be held in mandatory detention. At the same time eligibility is determined, ICE will set the price of the immigration bond. The price of a bond will also vary depending on the individual risk level of the immigrant and the type of bond they are seeking.

Immigrants who wish to fight their immigration charges in an attempt to stay in the United States will pursue a delivery bond. A delivery bond essentially means that the immigrant agrees to appear at all future hearings and other required meetings with ICE. This will allow the immigrant to return home while their case works through the legal system. Seeing as this can take anywhere from several weeks to more than a year, it can give them time to seek legal advice and to get their affairs in order. Delivery bonds range in price and are typically set at a minimum of $1500.

If an immigrant does not wish to remain within the United States or fears deportation on their record, they may opt for a voluntary departure bond. Instead of appearing in future court proceedings, the immigrant agrees to leave the country on their own. They are generally given between 30 to 90 days to get their affairs in order before they must leave the United States. The minimum cost of a departure bond is less than a delivery bond in most cases with a minimum amount of $500. Many immigrants who choose this option do so because it may make re-entry into the country easier in the future than if they were deported.

Once the type of bond and the cost are determined, a friend or loved one of the immigrants must then pay the bond. This is the most important aspect for those wondering how to get an immigration bond, as immigrants cannot be released without payment of the bond. Those who have the full amount in cash may opt to pay at an ICE facility or through an immigration bond service. Many prefer a bond service as they are able to guide loved ones through the process, provide assistance, and process refunds much more quickly.

If your loved one is detained by ICE and you want to learn how to get an immigration bond quickly, reach out to US Immigration Bonds today to discover your options.