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How to Find Immigration Bond Services in Atlanta

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Across the country, hundreds of immigrants are arrested and detained by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. In Georgia, many of these individuals are housed at the ICE facility in Atlanta but it is not uncommon for immigrants to be transferred from one state to another. This can make it difficult for family members who need the services of an immigration bond services in Atlanta to know where to turn to. Use these tips to learn how to find the right bond service:

Do Your Research on Immigration Bond Services in Atlanta

When your loved one is being detained by ICE, learning that they are approved for an immigration bond is a relief. If you are unable to pay the bond in full at a local ICE facility or wish not to visit the facility to do so, it can be tempting to turn to the first bond service you come across. This can lead to excessive fees or an otherwise unsatisfactory experience. Because this is an important matter and thousands of dollars and collateral are likely on the line, it is crucial to do your research first.

One of the best ways to look into an immigration bond service in Atlanta is to look into their customer reviews. Here, you will be able to discover what clients like and dislike about working with that particular company. Be sure to investigate the reviews on multiple platforms, such as Google, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau for the most accurate depiction. 

Determine Your Specific Immigration Bond Needs

Along with researching the immigration bond services in Atlanta, you should determine what your needs are. This is crucial because even top-reviewed services may not offer what you are looking for. While most offer surety bonds, for example, not all immigration bond services will allow you to pay a bond in full. Likewise, some immigration bond services may not offer services for departure bonds or may have a certain credit score or collateral requirements. Determine what you are seeking and determine if the service will meet these needs.

Ask About the Refund Policy (If Applicable) 

When you hire immigration bond services in Atlanta, you typically are not entitled to a refund once the case is resolved in court. This is because you pay a small percentage of the total bond cost and this payment is for the services provided. This is different than when you pay a bond in full through ICE; however. Payments made directly to ICE are eligible for a refund after the case concludes if the immigrant abides by the terms of their bond. This is a time-consuming process and many do not receive refunds as they expect.

Because of this, some services allow you to pay in full to expedite the refund process. They will hold the funds in escrow and issue the refund without all of the hassle associated with ICE. There may be additional fees incurred for this service, but it is important to understand what to expect in terms of refunds before you choose an immigration bond service in Atlanta.

Get Immigration Bond Services in Atlanta Today

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