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How Much to Pay for an Immigration Bond?

How Much to Pay Immigration Bond

Throughout the country, countless immigrants are faced with the possibility of being arrested by the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. Whether the immigrant entered the country illegally without documentation or they have overstayed their visas, the process is the same. The immigrant will be separated from their families and taken to an ICE facility or contracted prison. Here, they are held until their immigration charges are resolved through the court system. In some cases, immigrants can be released and permitted to return home until an Immigration Judge (IJ) makes a final decision. This is known as a bond, but it can be costly. Discover how much to pay for an immigration bond:

Before an immigrant’s family or loved ones can pay for an immigration bond, the immigrant must be processed into the ICE system. Afterward, the agency must hold a bond hearing to determine whether the immigrant is eligible for release on bond. In many cases, immigrants are eligible, but this depends on the individual circumstances of each situation. For instance, an immigrant with an extensive criminal history may not be granted release on bond. In extreme cases, such as when the immigrant is viewed as a threat to the community or national security, the immigrant will be subject to mandatory detainment. This means that they are not permitted to be released for any reason until an Immigration Judge (IJ) makes a final ruling.

The immigrant’s background, employment history, and family ties will also be considered when determining the price of an immigration bond. This is because the cost of a bond directly correlates to the level of perceived risk for each immigrant. Additionally, ICE will consider the type of immigration bond that the immigrant is seeking: a delivery bond or a departure bond.

A delivery bond is the most popular type of immigration bond, and the price starts at $1,500. It is intended for those who wish to remain within the United States. They opt to fight the immigration charges brought against them in court and an Immigration Judge (IJ) will make a final ruling on whether they must leave the country or are permitted to remain. If they are eligible for a bond, they can return home, but they must appear at all future court proceedings. If they do not, they will be arrested once again by the agency. 

Other times, immigrants may fear having deportation on their record or may otherwise decide to return to their birth country. This is permitted through a departure bond. Unlike a delivery bond, the immigrant does not have the opportunity to have their case heard in court. Instead, they are given a timeframe by which they must leave the country. Typically, they are granted between 30-90 days to get their affairs in order. These immigration bonds start at $500.

Families and loved ones should keep in mind that these costs are a minimum and it isn’t uncommon for prices to exceed several thousands of dollars. If you are in need of assistance with paying an immigration bond, reach out to US Immigration Bonds today to learn how we can help.