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How to Get an ICE Bond in Florida?

ICE bond in Florida

Immigrants that are living in Florida without proper paperwork can be arrested and detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. These arrests typically occur unexpectedly, as the result of a routine traffic stop, a run-in with local law enforcement, or through workplace raids. This leaves loved ones separated from one another without any warning. Because it can take several months or more than a year for these cases to resolve within the immigration court system, many families opt to pay for immigration bonds. Learn how to get an ICE bond in Florida to get your loved one home fast:

The first step to getting an ICE bond in Florida is for the immigrant to be deemed eligible by the agency. Within a day or two of the immigrant’s arrest, ICE will evaluate a number of circumstances. They will consider matters like how long the immigrant has been within the country, employment status, family ties, and criminal history. If these factors are viewed favorably, ICE will deem the immigrant eligible for release on a bond. At this point, they will also assign a price to the bond that correlates to the immigrant’s perceived risk level. In some cases, an ICE bond in Florida can cost as little as $500 or more than $10,000. 

Once a price has been set for a bond, the next step is to have a loved one make a payment. This can be done by scheduling an appointment at a local ICE facility or by using an immigration bond service. 

For those who opt to pay the bond at an ICE facility, it is important that the person who will make the payment meets the agency’s requirements. To act as an immigration bond sponsor, a person must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident. Likewise, they must come equipped with a valid photo I.D. and their original social security card. ICE will require the full amount of the bond to be paid during the appointment- typically in cash or through a cashier’s check. Be sure to call ahead to ask for the specific requirements at the ICE facility you will be visiting.

In some cases, family members opt to get an ICE bond in Florida through an immigration bond service instead. This is a good option for those who prefer not to work directly with ICE or those who are unable to come up with the full amount of funds in cash. Here, family members can purchase what is known as surety bonds. Surety bonds only require a small percentage of the total bond to be paid, along with a form of collateral. Once this is done, the bond service will work directly with ICE to get the immigrant released from detainment. 

Although get an ICE bond in Florida does not eliminate the charges that an immigrant is facing, being home with loved ones throughout the process helps relieve a lot of the stress involved. If you are in need of an immigration bond, reach out to US Immigration Bonds today to learn how we can help.