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What Are Immigration Bond Services in Atlanta?

Immigration Bond Services in Atlanta

When an immigrant is arrested by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency, it is typically their first experience with the agency. The same is true of their family members and other loved ones. Because of the unknown nature of working with ICE and the high stakes that faced, many are left confused about the process as a whole. After reading information online and talking to others in the Atlanta area, residents learn the drawbacks of working with ICE. This leads them to search for an alternative to visiting the facility in person or otherwise paying funds to ICE directly. The solution is immigration bond services in Atlanta.

An immigration bond service provides a plethora of solutions for families who have a loved one detained by ICE. The biggest benefit is that they are able to provide what is known as surety bonds to those who are unable to pay the full price of an immigration bond. A surety bond is different from the bonds that are paid to ICE because only a small percentage of the bond is required to secure the release of the immigrant. This is often done by providing an additional form of collateral, like the title to a vehicle, to secure the bond. Despite this, collateral is not collected unless the immigrant fails to abide by the terms of their bond. 

Having this option available is immensely helpful for those who want their loved ones’ homes but simply cannot afford the high costs of bonds set by ICE. This is particularly true because these arrests happen unexpectedly and can cause immigrants to lose much-needed employment and funds for their families while they are detained. While this is the main function of immigration bond services in Atlanta, there are other reasons that families opt to use them.

ICE is notorious for failing to refund immigration bonds after cases have been resolved in court. Even when bond sponsors do receive these refunds, it takes months or in some cases—years—to receive them. Because bonds are expensive, many are uncomfortable with this reputation. Instead, they use immigration bond services in Atlanta to pay the bond in full (along with a small fee). This allows the bond service to hold the funds in escrow until the case is resolved. Afterward, the money can be refunded quickly without involving ICE. 

Furthermore, family members are concerned about their loved ones who are detained in ICE facilities. It is a frightening experience, and they are often unsure of how the agency operates and what happens as the case progresses through the immigration courts. They are leery of the information that ICE provides and are looking for confirmation elsewhere when it comes to the process. Immigration bond services in Atlanta provide all of the guidance that these concerned family members need during this difficult time.

If you are interested in using our immigration bond services in Atlanta, contact US Immigration Bonds today to discuss your loved one’s case.