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District Court Rules to Grant Immigration Bond Hearings

From California to New York, Florida to North Dakota, all of the United States is suffering from the same overlooked political issue: Immigration. When American’s think ‘immigration’ most disregard the importance of imposing bond hearings for the thousands of immigrant detainees we are holding in our prisons.  We are all familiar with paying taxes, but where our tax money is being distributed should be of interest. With thousands of individuals detained in ICE detention centers nationally, this slow and inefficient system causes our money to shift from Education to Incarceration; in 2010, Taxpayers spent $39 billion on prison costs. Thankfully, several Unites States Districts have recently made rulings ordering the government to grant bond hearings to immigrants in detention for excessive periods of time.  

The foundation for our Country are the Constitutional rights that each of us are entitled to; including the 8th Amendment which states “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed…”. But the Federal Government discounts the moral obligation they have to apply these rights to those residing here attempting to gain legal status.  

An immigration bond is a type of surety bond used to secure the release of an immigrant in the custody of Homeland Security. An immigration bond is a unique bond known as a federal civil bond; ‘federal’ means that the bond is regulated by the Federal Government, and civil means that no crime was committed. A person living unlawfully within the US that is released on an immigration bond will be allowed to remain in the United States for the duration of their case. Living unlawfully within the United States is not a criminal offense and one can be detained for living illegally, they cannot face criminal charges. However, if an unlawfully resident commits a crime, they will not only be sentenced to jail but once their sentence has been fulfilled they will have to deal with the repercussions of their actions (i.e. the possibility of being deported). Posting bond not only takes away the cost burden from the taxpayer but it also stimulates the private sector when the bond is posted through insurance companies.   

Thankfully, the Federal Government is beginning to attack our broken immigration system.  While an extreme overhaul is gravely needed, any small steps towards this lofty goal are welcomed with open arms.  US Immigration Bonds & Insurance Services, Inc. provides immigration bonds throughout the United States and have much firsthand experience with immigration law.  Follow our blog for the latest immigration issues and to learn what really goes on in the deep recesses of Homeland Security’s current Enforcement policies.