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How You Can Get an Immigration Bond

US Immigration Bonds understands the situation you are in when a friend or a loved one has been detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). It is a good thing to keep in mind that many non-citizens in immigration detention are eligible for an immigration bond. This means that they will be able to put up a sum of money that will be returned if the individual shows up for all of their court and other dates with the US immigration authorities. There are two ways to post an immigration bond after it has been set: a cash bond and a surety bond. A cash bond and a surety bond are the two methods of postings either an immigration delivery bond or a voluntary departure bond.

– Cash Bond: The detainee’s friends or family have the option to pay the full immigration bond amount directly to ICE, and that money will be refunded based upon the contingency that the detainee shows up to all of their mandatory hearings in immigration court. The immigration cash bond may be paid in cash, money order, Cashier’s check, or US bond and notes. There is no provision for paying a percentage of the cash bond, and no form of collateral outside of those four will be accepted.

– Surety Bond: The detainee’s friends and family can work with an immigration bond agent to arrange a surety bond. The immigration bail bond providers will typically charge 15-20 percent of the total bond amount, while the money and collateral you provide is non-refundable.