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Where Do You Pay an Immigration Bond in Florida?

Pay Immigration Bond in Florida

An immigrant who is living in Florida without proper documentation can be arrested by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency at any given time. While there is no way to prepare for an arrest by  ICE, those who are detained may be eligible for release by securing an immigration bond. This release can give immigrants the opportunity to get their affairs in order and seek legal counsel.  Although not all immigrants detained by ICE are eligible, loved ones often have a lot of questions about the process. One of the most frequently asked questions is “where do you pay an immigration bond in Florida?”.

Shortly after an arrest is made, ICE will work to determine whether or not an immigrant is eligible for an immigration bond. They will conduct a review of the immigrant’s circumstances, including their criminal history, birth country, previous deportations, family ties, and community standing. If this investigation results in the agency declaring the immigrant a flight risk or a risk to national security or public safety, they will be held in mandatory detention for however long it takes for their immigration case to reach a resolution. If a bond is granted, the price will be set during this time and the immigrant will have the opportunity to notify their loved ones of the price.

Once loved ones are informed about the detained immigrant’s bond eligibility and they are aware of the cost of the bond, they are often unsure of how to proceed. Those who wish to pay the bond directly at an ICE facility will first need to contact their nearest facility to schedule an appointment. The following ICE facilities are located throughout Florida:

Baker County Facility: MacClenny, FL

Broward Transitional Center: Pompano Beach, FL

Glades County Detention Center: Moore Haven, FL

Krome North Service Processing Center: Miami, FL

Wakulla County Facility: Crawfordville, FL

Before appearing at an appointment to post bond, the person who will pay the bond (the immigration bond sponsor) must ensure that they are prepared to prevent any delays. It is crucial that the sponsor is a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident who is able to present an original social security card and a valid photo identification. Likewise, they must obtain a cashier’s check for the full amount of the bond. Even when these requirements are met, the process at an ICE facility can be time-consuming and full of obstacles.

To avoid this process, many people in Florida turn to an immigration bond service for a simpler and faster approach. Here, loved ones are able to receive guidance throughout the process with flexible payment options. Those who wish to purchase a surety bond can do so for a small fraction of the price of the bond with a form of collateral and those who are able to pay in full can receive a refund quickly after the bond is canceled.

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