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What Immigrants Are Saying About Life in the United States

The providers of immigration bonds in Texas reported on a study performed by a New York based group that was comprised of 1,002 randomly selected immigrants to the United States. Some of the key findings from the study are reported below.

– Learning the English language is essential.

One of the most surprising finds from the research was how insistent immigrants are that learning English is crucial for their success. Group discussions made it clear that this conviction is driven by the desire to be understood. 85% say that it is harder to get a good job or do well in this country without learning English. Some immigrants also believe that learning English is an ethical obligation.

– Immigrants have strong work ethic.

It was not surprising to find that immigrants show deep commitment to work ethic. An astounding 73% think it is extremely important for immigrants to work and stay off of government welfare. Many understand that without hard work, their dream of America as the land of the plenty would not come true.

– Making the U.S. home.

Most immigrants display an appreciation of the U.S. and have a commitment to making it their home; however, they also maintain a strong connection to their country of origin. Many immigrants stay in touch with their family members that still live in the motherland. But, immigrants’ strong connection to their homeland does not contradict their desire to stay in the United States.’

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