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What are the benefits of Using an Immigration Bond Service?

Benefits Immigration Bond Service

The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency in the United States is a branch of the Department of Homeland Security. Their mission is to protect against illegal immigration that may put American citizens at risk. Unfortunately, as a result, hundreds of immigrants across the country are arrested and held in local contracted prisons or detainment facilities. Any immigrant that does not have a valid Visa runs the risk of being arrested by ICE, but many of them are able to be released through an immigration bond. Discover the benefits of using an immigration bond service versus working directly with ICE:

The release process is faster.

When an immigrant is detained by ICE, they are detained with thousands of other immigrants. This means that at any given time, they are likely hundreds of other families attempting to get their loved ones released through a bond. Because appointments are required to post a bond, many find that they have to wait several days before they can receive an appointment in heavily populated facilities. Likewise, the process of posting bonds often means bond sponsors (the person who pays the bond) will spend most of their day at the ICE facility. An immigration bond service has far fewer immigrants to tend to meaning that your loved one’s case is prioritized. In most cases, immigrants can be released the same day when working with US Immigration Bonds.

Flexible payment options are available.

A bond that is paid at an ICE facility must be paid using a cashier’s check, which first requires a trip to a bank. The amount of the cashier’s check must cover the bond in its entirety to ensure the release of the immigrant from detainment. If a family is unable to cover the cost of the bond, they cannot make partial payments. Using an immigration bond service, families are able to purchase surety bonds which only require a small percentage of the total cost of bond to have the immigrant released. This payment can be made using a variety of methods, including more convenient credit and debit cards.

Faster refunds are issued for those who pay in full.

One of the most notable aspects of paying a bond in full is that the money is refundable through ICE. Unfortunately, many struggle to recover these funds even after all necessary requirements have been met. This is the most common complaint that those who work directly with ICE have. While immigration bond services allow families to purchase surety bonds that are secured with collateral, many also allow full payment to be made in lieu of collateral. In these cases, the funds are held in escrow and can be returned immediately after the bond has been canceled.

Families and loved ones receive additional guidance.

For those who have never dealt with ICE before, having a loved one held in detainment is a frightening experience that comes along with a lot of questions. ICE is often quick to dismiss these concerns, but an experienced immigration bondsman aims to educate and guide their clients. This means that they are happy to answer any questions and direct families towards the best options, including other immigration resources.

Want to learn more about the benefits of working with an immigration bond service? Contact US Immigration Bonds today to learn how the process works.