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President Deters Immigration Reform Again

Since things at the border have come to ahead this summer, the president has been put into a sticky situation. First, there was gridlock, so nothing was getting done. Then Obama promised to take executive action in order to get something done in terms of immigration reform. And most recently he came out saying that he would wait until after elections in November to take any executive action, as he didn’t want immigration to harm democrats in the polls. It has been a whirlwind in the last few months.

Although Obama was trying to avoid hurting democrats in the polls, he has in turn done exactly the opposite. Democrats and republicans alike are upset that nothing has been done about immigration reform. Although both sides have strong feelings about what should be done, and they tend to contradict each other, both sides can agree that they want something to happen. The stagnant state that immigration is sitting in is not something that anyone wants.

One way to get rid of the gridlock would be to take the partisan issue out of it, and focus on the problem for what it truly is. In order to that, though, lawmakers on both sides would have to swallow their pride and work across party lines, which is not exactly easy for some people. All in all, Americans need to come together and fix the problem, regardless of what party they affiliate themselves with.