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New York City’s Immigration Detainee Proposal

There has been a recent spike in New York City’s involvement with U.S. immigration laws. As of today, the city has been honoring the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)’s detention requests, no questions asked. However, it has come to the city’s attention that a majority of these requests have been granted without a federal judge’s warrant. Although, ICE’s main focus is to deport illegal immigrants convicted of crime, a line has been crossed. 

New York City has a proposed law that will change the way migrants are detained or if they can be detained at all.

The new proposal indicated that the city will be able to decline immigration detainee requests by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement that do not provide a federal judge issued warrant. On top of that, even if presented with a warrant, the city will be able to determine whether the immigrant may be detained depending on their past record.

With that being said, immigrants without any sort of violent convictions or serious criminal defense will have a better chance at retaining their rights and freedom.  

For some time now, ICE has detained a number of immigrants past the hours of their scheduled release and have gone on to transferring the detainees into deportation proceedings without official warrants. However, this is a clear violation of ones rights and does not sit well with the city of New York. New York City’s immigration detainee proposal will have a large impact in the city because after all, it is the city of immigrants.

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