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Do Other Countries Have Immigration Problems?

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Countries all over the world have issues with immigration. However, not all immigration problems are the same. Some countries actually have a negative immigration problem, where too many people are leaving, while others have an influx problem, where too many people are arriving.

Not all immigration problems are the same, and not all can be or even should be fixed or cracked down on.

Below are some examples of overseas immigration problems.

South Africa – High Influx & Migration

South Africa has an interesting problem with immigration. There are too many people leaving and too many people arriving. In fact, South Africans are leaving the country in such high numbers that they are expected to break immigration records this year [1].

However, South Africa also has a problem with an influx of immigrants as well. The country is a haven for African immigrants who escape terrible countries for the hope of a better life in S.A. However, much like any large influx of immigrants, especially undocumented immigrants, there are always going to be problems [2]. This makes South Africa one of the rarer cases of overseas immigration problems.

Germany – High Influx

Germany stepped up to help thousands of refugees who fled Syria in recent years, and the country has opened its borders to Syrians. Accepting a mass amount of refugees is going to be difficult, and indeed it has been a trying time for Germany, as the country and the German people open their homes up to a millions of lost and desperate people from a faraway land.

In fact, this case has been called an immigration crisis [3]. Language which is similar to that we hear in the U.S. often.

South Korea – High Deceptive Influx

South Korea faces one of the strangest overseas immigration problems to date. The country has become a haven for people who are fleeing the clutches of communism in Asia. South Korea is one of the richest countries in Asia. It shares a border with North Korea, who shares a border with China. Droves of refugees from both countries find their way into South Korea seeking asylum.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake refugees who attempt to take advantage of refugee status. As much as South Korea has some aid ready and set up for Asian refugees, they have taken a hard stance against refugees in the Middle East. Some are even saying that South Korea is “channeling Trump” in some policy making [4].

The United States of America – High Influx

America is still listed as the country with the most immigration problems by some [5]. But it’s important to remember that we are not the only country that faces challenges with illegal immigration. The world is getting smaller (more easily connected). Traveling to other countries, even illegally, is easier than ever, and now our borders are no longer just the physical connection between countries, but the travel connections with the rest of the world.



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