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Customs Enforcement Causing a Division Between Local and Federal Authorities

Local authorities in over a dozen California counties have taken some immigration laws into their own hands. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE, is a federal agency that deals with immigrants. When people are detained by the ICE, they look for immigration bail bonds in California to give them freedom until their fate is decided by the court. Often times if a person is detained by local police for a crime, and ICE thinks they are possibly in the country illegally, or have reason to believe the person is potentially deportable, they will ask the local jail to hold the person for an additional 48 hours until ICE can get to them.  

This has created a division between local and federal authorities. Local authorities don’t want to hold these people any longer than the person deserves, because they can be held liable for any damages. And on the other hand, federal authorities do not want people that they believe are committing a crime (simply by being in the country) to be walking free. Both parties feel that the other is putting others’ rights in jeopardy.

With this divide that is growing across the board, something needs to be done. People are more against each other than the real issue at hand. Although authorities are all trying to do what is best for the country, there seems to be an issue that is number one, still not being dealt with, and number two causing a divide. People need to stop being against each other and be more for the betterment of this country as a whole.