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Catholic Church Push Immigration Reform on the Speaker of the House

John Boehner, Speaker of the House, received an honorary degree from the Catholic University of America three years ago. He is the fifth Catholic Speaker of the House in history. With that being said, when the Catholic Church comes to him asking for his support, it is of utmost importance that he does what they request of him. Recently, the bishops that govern the Catholic University of America came to Washington D.C. to put more pressure on Mr.  Boehner to pass comprehensive immigration reform this summer. The bishops are openly upset with the way immigration reform is being handled, and are seeking their honorary alumni to help the Catholic Church push immigration reform towards the House Republicans.

Boston Cardinal Sean O’Malley said that the bishops were there on behalf of the Church in order to encourage people to “be a neighbor and to find a neighbor in each of the suffering people who risk their lives and at times lose their lives in the desert.” After this being said, Cardinal O’Malley and his fellow brother bishops made a grand gesture by reaching across the border fence to give communion to the Mexicans on the other side.

It is clear as to where the Catholic Church stands on this issue, and now that they have addressed John Boehner about helping them, John Boehner must choose between his political party and his church. Boehner’s opposition to immigration reform is strictly political. He is in fact in favor of immigration reform, but fears that if he brings it up he will hurt the Republican Party in the upcoming elections, and he could possibly hinder himself in his chances of being re-elected as Speaker of the House. Either way, whether Boehner chooses to side with his political party or his church, there will be a large opposition from the other party.