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Can You Pay for an Immigration Bond in Cash?

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Each day across America, hundreds of immigrants are arrested by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. Immediately following their arrest, they are taken to a local contracted prison or an ICE detention center. They are detained in these facilities until they are either released on bond or until their case concludes in court. Fortunately, many immigrants will be declared eligible for bond and can be released as soon as a sponsor posts payment. This leaves many loved one’s questioning, can you pay for an immigration bond in cash?

Those who have never had a loved one detained by ICE before are faced with several questions following the initial arrest. Naturally, their biggest concern is simply getting immigrants released so they are able to seek the advice of an immigration lawyer and return home to their families. Within the first day or two, they will receive answers regarding immigration bond eligibility. This is determined during what is known as a bond hearing. At this point, ICE or an immigration judge, will evaluate the immigrant’s criminal history, employment status, the amount of time they have spent in the country, their family ties and other relevant information.

Immigrants who have extensive criminal histories or who are perceived to be a threat to the community or national security will be held in mandatory detention. In these situations, release on bond will not be an option and immigrants will be detained until their case is resolved in court. Those who are eligible for an immigration bond will have the price of the bond set according to their flight risk level. While prices can vary greatly, the minimum price is usually around $1,500 and can exceed upwards of $10,000 or more.

While payment can be made by obtaining a cashier’s check or money order from a bank and making an appointment at a local ICE facility, this is often a time-consuming and frustrating process. The ICE agency is notoriously difficult to work with, even more so for those who are unfamiliar with how the immigration bond process works and the complications don’t end there. Obtaining a refund when the case has concluded proves to be even more challenging—if not impossible.

To avoid the difficulties associated with ICE, many ask: can you pay for an immigration bond in cash without visiting an ICE facility? While many who are unable to pay the full amount of a bail bond turn to immigration bond services for assistance, they are also a valuable resource for those who do have the cash. They can act as a third party contact between the person paying the bond and ICE. This eliminates any confusion as immigration bond services are experts in dealing with bond related matters and ICE. Likewise, it can streamline the refund process when the court case concludes.

If you wish to pay for an immigration bond in cash and want to avoid direct contact with ICE, contact US Immigration Bonds today to learn about our 2% cash bond options that allow you to purchase a surety bond with a fee of just 2% of the bond plus $40.