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Benefits of Using an Immigration Bond Service in Atlanta

Immigration Bond Services in Atlanta

Each day in Atlanta, immigrants are arrested and detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. Whether they do not have valid paperwork, or their Visas have expired, they are torn from their homes and their families. This is immensely difficult for everyone involved and family members often worry about the safety and overall well-being of their loved ones while in ICE custody. This is a common concern, and many are prompted to pay an immigration bond to get their loved ones home as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this means working with ICE and that can present a number of problems for families. Discover the benefits of using an immigration bond service in Atlanta. 

Eliminate In-Person Meetings with ICE

When a family member or friend agrees to pay for an immigration bond, they are designated as an immigration bond sponsor. This comes along with certain stipulations that are set forth by ICE. For starters, the sponsor must be a legal permanent resident or citizen of the U.S. Additionally, they must have a valid photo I.D. and their original social security card. In some cases, an immigrant may not have a close friend or family member who meets these requirements. In some cases, even those who do meet these requirements may be afraid to enter an ICE facility for fear of sacrificing their own legal status. 

With an immigration bond service in Atlanta, bond sponsors are not required to enter an ICE facility to make a payment. Instead, the bond service acts as a third-party connection between the sponsor and ICE. This is also helpful because bond services have immense experience in working with ICE which speeds up the process and eliminates common pitfalls.

Avoid Paying in Full

There is no denying that immigration bonds are expensive. Because they are needed quickly and without warning, it can be tough to come up with thousands of dollars in cash on a whim. When working with ICE directly, sponsors must pay the full amount of the bond before the immigrant can be released from an ICE facility. With a bond service, sponsors can instead purchase what is known as a surety bond. This only requires a payment of a small percentage of the total bond, along with a form of collateral to secure the bond. 

Get Faster Refunds

One reason that many sponsors do work with ICE is that they are able to receive a refund if the immigrant abides by the terms of their bond. This is only the case when the bond is paid in full, but it presents one of the biggest problems. Many find that it is nearly impossible to receive a refund for the amount of the bond after a case has concluded within the court system. In the event that ICE does issue a refund, it can take months or more than a year for sponsors to receive their money. To avoid this, an immigration bond service in Atlanta accepts full bond payments. Here, they pay the full bond plus a small fee and the funds are held in escrow. After the case concludes, they receive a refund quickly without any hassle. 

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