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The Benefits of Immigration Bonds for Detained Immigrants

Mother and daughter reunited through the benefits of immigration bonds

People from around the world come to America in search of a better life, full of opportunity and freedom. Unfortunately, for many, the current economic conditions they face in their native countries, along with more than a million backlogged applications, prevent them from pursuing a legal path to citizenship. Whether they cross the border illegally or simply remain in the country on an expired Visa, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency has the power to detain any undocumented individuals within their facilities or local prisons. Immigrating to any country is an emotionally draining and costly venture and often, being detained for a lengthy period of time takes a significant toll on the detainees’ health. While they do not eliminate future legal proceedings, the benefits of immigration bonds for detained immigrants are plentiful. 

1. Family Reunification 

During the immigration process, it is common for families to be separated. Whether children are separated from their parents due to ICE detainment or other causes, the emotional aspect is damaging for everyone involved. Although the illegal immigration charges will remain in the case of an arrest made by ICE, one of the biggest benefits of immigration bonds is that they enable families to reunite, support one another, and plan ahead for either outcome of the immigration case.

2. Mental Health

When immigrants are detained for long periods of time, their mental health suffers immensely. In turn, they often become depressed or angry which interferes with how they respond to and interact with ICE workers, police, or fellow detainees. By allowing eligible immigrants to leave the facilities and regain a sense of normalcy at home, they tend to be more cooperative with the agency and future immigration court proceedings that lie ahead. This is mutually beneficial for the immigrant, their families, and ICE.

3. Improved Economics

Many immigrants who are detained by ICE were gainfully employed at the time of their arrest. In many cases, they are the breadwinners of their families and have children to support. This means that their families lose out on significant and much-needed funds, on top of the emotional distress that they experience. Allowing these detainees to return to work while their cases are processed through the court system is another one of the many benefits of immigration bonds

4. Access to Legal Representation

Immigrants detained by ICE have the right to legal counsel; however, this is at their own expense. Immigrants with limited funds may have a tough time covering these costs while they are detained and held in an ICE facility. When they are released through an immigration bond, they are often able to find work to cover these costs. Furthermore, they have more opportunities to connect with pro bono lawyers or organizations who are able to assist undocumented immigrants. 

5. Better Physical Health

ICE facilities are often criticized for the lack of healthcare they provide to immigrants. Many who experience illnesses, injuries or dental emergencies while detained are treated inadquately. Likewise, immigrants are unable to follow dietary restrictions, access certain medications or take other measures in regards to their health while detained. This is a big concern for immigrants with existing health conditions or those who have have been detained for a lenthy period of time. When released on an immigration bond, these immigrants are able to access proper healthcare to ensure good health.

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