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This agency really came through for us

The service was excellent. I called a thousand times with a million questions. There was no problem. Having my husband in ICE custody was very overwhelming. I was pregnant with 2 kids at home and was able to do everything over the phone. Very convenient. I was afraid of being scammed in such a difficult time but this agency really came through for us. My husband was out the same day. It’s been exactly one week since he’s been released. Now our family can get back on track. We cant thank them enough.

Getsemani Castro
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They helped our family and made the bond process very easy

We strongly believe that US Immigration Bonds are there to help your family in what could be one of the most stressful situations that a family can go through. Our family members was detained by Immigration and having US Immigration Bonds by your side it’s a blessing. They helped our family and made the bond process very easy. We highly recommend them, they are professionals and a caring agency.

Manny Inclan
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Made the whole process so smooth!

Thank you Alexander! It is truly a difficult time but thanks to the kind and amazing staff at US Immigration Bonds, my loved one is now home with us and can continue her immigration case on the outside! Veronica is truly an awesome person who was very courteous and knowledgeable. She made the whole process so smooth! Great customer service! Awesome experience so far! Thanks again.

Miami, FL
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Honest reliable service!

A team of true professionals! Honest reliable service!

Mike Tupa
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Extremely informative and professional

US Immigration Bonds & Insurance Services, Inc. was so helpful and responsive to my situation. They answered all my questions clearly and quickly. Not only were they extremely informative and professional, they were also very kind and patient during a stressful and confusing time and process. They even helped me with several questions I had several months after I had used their service when I couldn’t get any answers from the Atlanta immigration office. Furthermore, they worked very quickly to help me, even sending me documents over the weekend so I could get a payment to them first thing on a Monday morning and get my son out of a detention facility that evening. I really don’t know what I would have done without their help. They are a phenomenal company. While I hope I never need their services again, I would use them in a heartbeat if I needed to. I highly recommend them to anyone needing help getting a bond for an immigrant.

Sonja Ryberg
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My questions were always answered quickly and efficiently

Jeremy Wolf and his agency have been a terrific resource for me as I delve into this foreign world of bonding a friend out of jail so he and his wife can work on his case on the “outside.” Jeremy has been unfailingly polite and informative and his video regarding how to complete the necessary forms was a valuable tool too. The entire process was quick and relatively easy. I especially appreciated not having to deal with a jaded, impatient, figure–it-out-yourself kind of person when I was treading in really unfamiliar territory. My questions were always answered quickly and efficiently.

I highly recommend this company in your time of need for quick, efficient and professional service with no attitude or delay.

Michael Kelly
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Process was Quick and Easy

Thanks to your company Salomon is home safe, and also is thankful for everything you done for us, I wasted two weeks with another company who said they would help and were unable to fulfill what they said. After finding your company on the internet I made a simple phone call and you took over from there and did everything you said you with us and the process was Quick and easy, I would!

New Jersey
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All the attendants are very kind, polite, patient and efficient

It is a very difficult situation for those who have never had to deal with, but the US Immigration Bond agent makes you feel more confident. All the attendants [are] very kind, polite, patient and efficient. Many thanks to all who are part of this company.

Celia Parham
Montgomery, AL
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They are bilingual and understand the stress that families are going through

US IMMIGRATION BONDS is the most professional and caring company I’ve worked with in a very long time. The owners called me right back after contacting them about my close friend, who’s daughter was detained by ICE in another state. They are bilingual and understand the stress that families are going through. Their facilitation skills are impeccable. Their fee is lower than any other bond company anywhere and I felt confident that the monies I deposited with them for the bond was processed honestly, quickly and diligently for the release of my friend’s daughter. They even were able to establish a bus ticket which was waiting for the girl at the station.  Within hours, she was released and on her way to her family in South Florida.  Upon her arrival, the owner contacted me to follow up and is helping us secure an honest attorney for her upcoming hearings.  I cannot say enough about the staff at US IMMIGRATION BONDS in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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They make everything easy for me

The best company ever. They same day I did sign all the paper work the same day they make sure my cousin release. They make everything easy for me. Thank you very much team of us immigration bonds.

Fedelin Celestin
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Children of Immigrants thanks you for all your hard work

Congratulations on the opening of your new business. Children of Immigrants thanks you for all your hard work and we appreciate how you have made the bonding out transaction for so many people easy and on the same day.

Children of Immigrants
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Every person I spoke with was comforting and consoling to me

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and my fiancé was arrested under a false complaint. Even after his innocence was proven he was transporter and detained by ICE on the same charges! I called U. S. Immigration Bonds and Insurance Inc. They walked. Me through step by step if the process and had him out the next morning like they promised. It only took till the next day because I had to find all my paper work n transfer them a small fee. Each and every person I spoke with was comforting and consoling to me, I could feel their genuine concern for me and my situation. I am so thankful for this company and my family is back together! thanks be to God for then all Gracias a Dios!

Christine Rees
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Customer service is second to none

As an attorney who practices primarily in the area of immigration law, when a client asks for a referral, I only refer clients to those that I trust. That is why I always refer my clients to US Immigration Bonds. Jeremy and his team’s customer service is second to none. They keep both me and the client’s family updated every step of the way. If a client asks about posting an Immigration bond, this is where I send them.

Marc Christopher
Immigration Attorney
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They exceeded my expectations

US immigration bonds were absolutely the best they were super professional. When I was down and out when my husband was detained by immigration they were very caring , knowledgeable, and patient. I called them a thousand times and they were very empathic and helpful every time I called. they reassures me that everything would be fine, and that they would help me my husband, and my children be reunited again. They did everything they could to get me a same day release. They exceeded my expectations. I would not recommend any company other than US immigration bonds. Us immigration bonds, under promises and over fulfills. They were a true blessing ! Thank you so much again.

Naele Gilchrist
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I simply could not have received better, more personal attention

I recently faced the need to obtain a federal immigration bond.  I did so through US Immigration Bonds and Insurance Services, and I must say that I was very impressed.  My situation was given immediate attention and the service was very thorough.  I was contacted not only by email but also by telephone.  I was given the name and number of a person to contact should I need additional information and when I called that person, I reached him immediately.  I was notified when the bond was sent to federal officials and notified again when it was received.  I simply could not have received better, more personal attention.

David V. Evans
Arlington, Virginia
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In a nutshell these guys know what they are doing

Great customer service and very friendly and professional staff. They made this complicated looking procedure very simple and customer friendly. I have filled out and sent them required paperwork and bond was posted within an hour and detainee was out same day. Additionally, they don’t have no hidden fees or interest on a bond. In a nutshell these guys know what they are doing. Highly recommended.

Rashad Aliyev
Anaheim, CA
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They go above and beyond in order to help customers in timely manner.

Great company, great people, the right people and the best customer service I’ve experienced. They are professional and knowledgeable about what their doing. The best part was that I noticed they go above and beyond in order to help customers in timely manner. I highly recommend them.

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Very professional and quick

I had a great experience with US Immigration. I contacted them after dealing with another agency, and they were so much better. They got my relative out in less than a day and they did it all over the phone because I was out of state. They were very professional and quick.

Balki Shergill
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U.S. Immigration Bonds was the better choice, for several reasons

After consulting with various bail bond companies, I knew that U.S. Immigration Bonds was the better choice, for several reasons:

1. My call was taken at (2:00 a.m.)

2. All my questions were answered

3. They charged me 12% vs. 15%

4. My brother-in-law was released the same day, as promised

5. Instructions were emailed to me immediately

6. There was no middleman involved

7. I was able to verify that the company was legitimate

8. I received an email with the bond verification, and a follow-up call

I highly recommend U.S. Immigration Bonds, for excellent service.

Diane Martinez
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Everything was explained thoroughly and responded quickly

I highly recommend this company and would like to say special thanks to Margy & Veronica for all their help and attention. Everything was explained thoroughly and responded quickly. They are honest and will tell you all the possible options you can choose from. Very nice staff. Thank you again!

Tash Vallejo
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Compassionate and Understanding

Jeremy Wolf, is compassionate and understanding. He has been there and done it with his own family, and together with his wife they dedicate their time and energy into helping other families come together. I know this because my husband was taken by ICE and his bond was set much higher than I could have imagined, having in my hands at any given time. … With Jeremy, his wife and the rest of the team we were able to piece together the required 80% and set up an affordable and convenient payment plan. It was a grueling process, at times I felt like I was going to loose all my hair, as I ran around selling homemade tamales, and had various other fund raisers going on, along with my husband being detained, I lost my home, my dog and my daughter and I pushed forward with the help and support of Jeremy and his team, if It wasn’t for there hours of help and dedication, to put a previous bond for my nephew into action to help my husband, we wouldn’t have been able to have him home for the Holidays. … To Jeremy, Veronica, and Amber, who I spoke with often, and the other parts of the team who I was unable to catch their names, I THANK YOU, FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!

Lumine and Kody
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