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Republican Candidates Clash over Views on Immigrations during Debate

The upcoming 2016 presidential election is sparking major discussions concerning immigration policies and the need for reforms. US Immigration Bonds, a nationwide immigration bond service, reports that the Republican presidential candidates clashed over immigration policies during one of the debates. Candidates Jeb Bush and John Kasich are fueling their campaigns by placing scorn on Donald Trump and his plans to deport all unauthorized immigrants.

The substantive Republican debate was an open forum for Gov. Kasich and Gov. Bush to present their ideas on practical solutions to deal with our nations challenges in dealing with immigration. On the other hand presidential candidates Donald Trump and Ted Cruz weighed in on amnesty and argued that undocumented workers were driving down American’s wages.

The immigration topic is starkly dividing the Republican Party. Other candidates, Ted Cruz and Mark Rubio are vying for the support of conservative voters. Each of these candidates are making distinct arguments over immigration and amnesty in hopes of winning over a pool of voters that no one can lay claim to.

Mr. Cruz and Mr. Rubio have similar conservative voting records but they could not be more different in the way that they are positioning themselves. Mr. Cruz see his path to nomination by solidifying the support of the far right while Mr. Rubio is aiming to build a broader Republican coalition while realizing that he cannot appear too moderate and risk alienating the party’s core voters.

Texas immigration bond companies know that this is a campaign dominated by personas, speeches, and backgrounds of the candidates. Only time will tell who will claim the Republican nomination and take on Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.