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Obama Administration Proposes Bypassing Congress with Immigration Reforms

Two proposals, that do not require congressional approval, were announced today for immigration reform. The Departments of Homeland Security and Commerce have requested 100,000 high-skilled undocumented immigrants to remain in the US legally. The proposals are geared towards skilled immigrants working in science, technology, engineering and other applied science fields

One proposal is directed at spouses of H-1B visa holders, granting them the ability to work while their partners’ permanent resident applications are under review. The second proposal offers more ways for employers to substantiate the expertise of immigrant researchers.  These proposals were created to encourage highly-skilled, educated individuals to remain in the Country to help support and grow the U.S. economy (says Alejandro Mayorkas, Homeland Security Deputy Secretary).

Multiple actions have been suggested to help alter our current immigration laws and are being addressed individually. It is becoming more improbable that Congress will come to a bipartisan agreement on comprehensive immigration reform.  It is unfortunate that the US is the home to some of the best schools and gifted minds then request they return to their country upon graduating.  For the United States to compete on a global scale, it is in our best interest to encourage these individuals to stay and support domestic businesses and research.

Immigration reform is one of the most pressing issues in our Country today.  Immigration reform is inevitable, the real question is when will it implemented?