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BREAKING NEWS: Immigration Bonds Likely For Detained Immigrants

To ease the concerns of Latino groups, and other traditional allies, the Obama administration is considering the allowance of bond hearing for immigrants in prolonged ICE detention. Judges will hear the detainee’s case and determine if they are eligible for bond; this could result in the release of thousands of immigrants from ICE detention centers nationwide.  This news is exhilarating for those of us in the industry, and hope that these efforts will ultimately slow the pace of deportations. By allowing these detainees the option to post an immigration bond, many positive outcomes can be achieved.  The U.S. taxpayers’ burden associated with housing and feeding inmates of overcrowded detention centers can be relieved (and stimulate the private sector) if we allow detainees the ability to fight their case alongside their family while on bond.

The potential this shift in morals could have for our country regarding illegals, and the impact it could have on our judicial system, is extraordinary. The tax dollars that could be saved from the release of these people being held without bond (that are no more a danger to society than the average lawful resident) and designate those funds towards other important issues, such as education. The Obama Administration is also emphasizing the focus on repeat and criminals offenders as well as immigrants that do not have close family ties in the United States.  If these low risk individuals are afforded the opportunity to be released on bond, they will become contributing members of society while fighting their removal cases rather than empty shells overpopulating our nation’s prison system.

With all of the failed attempts by our lawmakers to pass comprehensive immigration reform, this news is a breath of fresh air. This article proves the pressure being placed on the Obama Administration is allowing progress to reach a bipartisan agreement on immigration.  While this particular issue is just a small piece of the large puzzle, I believe it to be a giant leap in the right direction. Although this news is positive, the struggle between conservative House Republicans and the Senate Democrat’s persists and will take a lot more than just policy changes to fix our broken immigration system.

I will continue to monitor this news as it develops and look forward to working with the family and friends of those in detention to ultimately secure their release from ICE Detention centers My door is always open to attorneys, family members, friends or anyone interested in learning more about how the immigration bond process works.  Please feel free to contact me via phone (800) 225-2578 or email [email protected] for further information.