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How Much is a Bail Bond for Immigrants?

Bail Bond for Immigrants

Immigrants who are detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency are housed in ICE facilities or local prisons after an initial arrest is made. When these arrests occur unexpectedly, their sudden absence can be extremely distressing for their friends, families and especially their children. While getting released from an ICE facility will not erase the immigration charges brought against them, it can be helpful for their mental well-being to remain with loved ones while their case is pending in court. In most cases, the only way that this can occur is through an immigration bond. But, how much is a bail bond for immigrants?

The price of a bail bond for immigrants varies widely from one case to the next. The biggest determining factor lies in the type of bond that the immigrant is able to receive. There are two main types of bonds, known as a departure bond and a delivery bond.

A departure bond is typically less expensive but it requires the immigrant to leave the country without having their case heard before an Immigration Judge (IJ). While most immigrants do not want to leave the United States, this can be a better option for those who fear that they will be deported. This is  because being deported from the country can prevent them from re-entering in the future. When they leave voluntarily with a departure bond, it may be possible for them to return after several years. Additionally, it provides them with adequate time to get their affairs in order in the U.S. and in their birth country before returning. These bonds generally start at around $500 but can exceed several thousands of dollars depending on the specific circumstances of the case.

On the other hand, those who wish to fight their immigration charges in court can receive a delivery bond. This type of bond allows the immigrant to return home while their case is pending in court. This process can take several months to more than a year, during which time the immigrant must return to court for every proceeding. If they fail to do so, their bond can be revoked and they can be arrested once again. A delivery bond generally ranges in price from a minimum of $1,500 to upwards of $10,000 or more. The price will largely reflect whether or not the immigrant is seen as a risk or not. If they have criminal charges or seem as if they may attempt to flee the area, the price will be on the higher end of the spectrum.

Regardless of which type of immigration bond is chosen, loved ones can choose to make a payment directly at an ICE facility or through an immigration bond service. Many opt to use an immigration bond service to avoid some of the complications of working with ICE, such as delayed or impossible refunds. For a fast and simple process, reach out to US Immigration Bonds today to learn more about bail bonds for immigrants.