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Honduran Mother and Two-Year-Old Son Receive Immigration Bond

With the denial of immigration bonds becoming more and more frequent, it is a miracle that 22-year old Margarita* and her 2-year-old son were released on Oct. 15th. Margarita and her son were detained at the Karnes County Residential Center in Texas since late July. While incarcerated Margarita mourned the loss of her mother and that her toddler was unable to enjoy the outdoors.

Margarita and her son were amongst the 500+ woman and children detained in Karnes County, which very few have been bonded out of. Homeland Security is hesitant to grant any bonds and/or releases of detained immigrants. Margarita was granted a $3,000 immigration bond which Homeland Security has already challenged because she has been deemed a ‘threat to National Security’. 

Margarita and her son fled Honduras because of a domestically abusive marriage and gang violence. Immigration attorney Dennis Windscheffel commented on the DHS’ challenging stating “A domestic abuse survivor, and a two-year-old child, what national security threat that is… It’s just absurd.” Although the DHS has challenged Margarita’s release, she has been assigned a Federal Judge whom her attorneys are negotiating asylum. If Margarita is granted asylum she will be eligible to apply for US Citizenship.