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Am I Eligible for an Immigration Bond in Atlanta?

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Each day, immigrants make their way to the United States in pursuit of liberty, happiness, safety, and better opportunities. Many of these immigrants settle in the city of Atlanta and remain here for extended periods of time. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to obtain the status of legal permanent resident and many of these immigrants find themselves overstaying their Visas. This means that they fail to leave the country as advised, oftentimes because they do not want to leave their families, friends, or homes here in the U.S. behind. This is a tough choice for an immigrant to make as they run the risk of being arrested by ICE at any time. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency is notorious for these arrests; however, many immigrants are eligible for release through an immigration bond in Atlanta. 

Before ICE determines whether or not an immigrant is eligible for release through a bond, they first attempt to understand all of the circumstances at hand. While they are investigating the background of the immigrant, they will aim to determine if the immigrant is a flight risk or if they pose a risk to the general public. In some cases, a history that involves certain criminal charges or risk factors will leave an immigrant subjected to mandatory detainment. This means that they are not eligible for release through a bond and must remain in ICE custody until their case concludes in court. Typically, the charges that prevent an immigrant from being eligible for a bond include drug trafficking, terrorism or violent charges. If none of these circumstances apply, it is likely that the immigrant will be eligible for an immigration bond in Atlanta.

Along with determining bond eligibility, ICE will also use the circumstances of each scenario to set the price of bond. Essentially, those who are perceived to present the lowest risk to the agency will receive the lowest bond price and vice versa. In either case, most bonds are set at a minimum of $1500 but can range upwards of $10,000 or more in extreme cases. After the immigrant is aware of the price, they are able to notify friends and family members so that they can pay the bond. To do so, one person will be designated as the immigration bond sponsor. This person must be a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident with a valid photo I.D. and social security number if they intend to pay the bond at an ICE facility. Likewise, they will need to be able to pay the bond in full using cash.

For those who are eligible for an immigration bond in Atlanta but cannot raise the funds needed in a timely manner, bond services can be a great resource. Here, families can pay a small amount of the total bond to secure the release of the immigrant quickly and without the need to enter an ICE facility.

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