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Are All Immigration Bonds in Atlanta the Same?

Immigration Bonds in Atlanta

After discovering that a friend or family member was arrested by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency in Atlanta, you may learn that they are eligible for bond. When an immigrant is released on a bond, it does not erase the charges that have been brought against them by the agency. Instead, it simply allows them to await the results of their court case from the comfort of their own homes. This allows them to remain connected with their families and get their affairs in order, but are all immigration bonds in Atlanta the same?

When an immigrant is declared eligible for release through an immigration bond in Atlanta, one of the first considerations is the type of bond that they are interested in. There are two types of immigration bonds known as a departure bond and a delivery bond. While they may sound similar, they are actually very different:

 An immigrant who chooses a departure bond agrees to leave the United States on their own. They will be required to pay for their own flight back to their birth country and they must do so within the amount of time decided by the agency. Typically, ICE will give an immigrant that opts for a departure bond anywhere from 30 to 90 days before they must leave. This time is to ensure that they are able to settle their affairs here and make living arrangements in their home country. In these cases, the immigrant forfeits their right to have their case heard before an immigration judge (IJ). In some cases, this can be a better option for those who fear that they will be removed involuntarily. This is because having an order of removal on your permanent record disqualifies you from re-entry into the country in the future. Those who leave on their own may be able to return legally in the future after a period of ten years or more. 

On the other hand, those who want to remain in the United States typically choose a delivery bond. A delivery bond is essentially the same as a criminal bail bond. The immigrant is able to leave the ICE facility and the custody of ICE; however, they must appear at all future court proceedings. If they fail to appear, their bond will be revoked, and they will be placed back in ICE custody until the case is finalized. 

While there are differences in the types of immigration bonds in Atlanta, there are also varying ways to pay for them. Many families and friends who are not familiar with ICE make the mistake of believing that paying the bond money to ICE directly is their only option. They come to regret it as it is notoriously difficult to get a refund from ICE. To avoid these pitfalls, loved ones can instead pay the bond in full through an immigration bond service in Atlanta. 

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