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Americans Believe Immigration is More Important than Healthcare

voting for immigration over healthcare

Immigration and healthcare have both been hot topics nationally, but a new poll shows that Americans may be more concerned about immigration than they are about healthcare. Immigration is now more important than healthcare with more Americans willing to focus on this issue in the United States. This news comes out as 42 percent of Americans will rather vote on issues on immigration than the 38 percent who want to still focus on healthcare.1

Who Is Picking Immigration Over Healthcare?

Over these few years, healthcare was an important issue many voters wanted to focus on, but with what has been going on the border, Americans now are stressing the importance of figuring out the immigration issue. In the survey, older people were more likely to pick immigration as their top issue with 55 percent of voters aged 65 and up prioritizing policies on immigration. This is compared to only 25 percent of voters aged 18-24.1

This latest poll just goes to show how important immigration is over healthcare and how this can shape what happens in the 2020 election. It gives us a glimpse as Americans what we can see on the ballot for the new elections and what the public is most concerned over. While healthcare took stage in previous elections, immigration may be the decisive factor for the 2020 elections.

What Does This Mean for Trump?

For most of President Trump’s political career, he has cracked down on border crossings as well as enacting stricter immigration laws. President Trump’s political career has been on the news as many families being torn apart due to immigration raids done by ICE and many families need immigration bonds to release their loved ones from detention centers.

Democrats, on the other hand, have stressed looser immigration laws and healthcare, both which have been important to their house. For example, in the first round of presidential democratic debates, candidates talked more about decriminalizing border crossings and providing health insurance to undocumented immigrants. In Congress, “19 percent of voters said that addressing the status of undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. should be the top priority for the Democratic House majority.” 1

As the new election draws closer, picking immigration over healthcare will be a main topic and importance as the new presidential debates will soon begin, but as of right now the immigration laws are only growing stricter. This is scary and overwhelming for undocumented families, that is why our family-owned and operated bonds company provides nationwide immigration bond services.


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