The Process

The Immigration Bail Bond Process

Why Your First Call Should Be To US Immigration Bonds & Insurance Services, Inc.

Our immigration bail bond professionals have the experience and contacts to get things done, and we can do it at a competitive price. At 12 percent of the immigration bail bond amount plus a $10 filing fee, US Immigration Bonds can save you thousands of dollars.  When you contact US Immigration Bonds, you get the expertise and compassion that you deserve.

Some immigration bail bond companies lock you into a contract for a year or more, so even if the alien’s bond is canceled before its anniversary date, you may still have to pay a renewal premium. But not with US Immigration Bonds. Contact US Immigration Bonds at 800-225-2587 as soon as you find out that your friend or loved one has been detained. That way we can quickly get to work on your case. And remember, we need your case or file number.

Some Facts About The File Number

DHS and ICE have to keep track of hundreds of thousands of cases, and the File, or Case Number— an “A” followed by nine digits that start with a 0 or a 2—lets them identify each one. So you need to keep that number handy and be sure to tell it to us; that way we can quickly identify your loved one to the ICE office handling that alien’s file as we work on their situation. Their name alone may not be enough. The federal agents need to know the full case number in order to properly identify the alien.

Even if you don’t have the file number, US Immigration Bonds may be able to obtain information on an alien without the number—but we will need the alien’s full name, date of birth, and country of origin.

With that information, our agents will do their best to obtain the alien number and his or her bond information at no charge to you.

The Case Number Timeline

First, the ICE agents will do their investigation. That shouldn’t take more than 48 hours, but it could be longer, especially if the individual was taken into custody on a weekend or holiday. When they’re done, your friend or loved one will get a Case or File Number if they did not already have one.

Have You Been Charged With A Crime? Our Experts May Still Be Able To Post An Immigration Bail Bond For You

We can often still post an immigration bail bond with a criminal charge; we’ll have to wait until the criminal case makes its way through the system—and they may have to pay the criminal bail first. Also, DHS or ICE may issue an Immigration Detainer, or Notice of Action (ICE Form I-247), which means that the arresting agency has to advise DHS or ICE before they release the person on the criminal case, even if they’ve posted bail for it.

Finding Out The Amount Of The Immigration Bond

We’ll find out the amount after federal agents interview the person and complete their investigation. In some cases, they may feel an individual shouldn’t be released on an immigration bond or may not be able to determine a bond amount. If that happens, the person can ask to see an immigration judge, who may set an immigration bond by way of court order. But it could take as long as 10 days before the hearing.

Often, however, the interviewing officer will issue a Notice of Custody Determination, or NCD, which does show a bond amount; and they’ll also get a Notice to Appear (NTA), which specifies the charges. Once your loved one has the NCD we can make arrangements to post bond for them.

Beware Of Immigration Bail Bond Companies That Take Your Vehicle’s Title For Collateral

Be careful about dealing with an immigration bail bond company that takes vehicle titles to secure an immigration bail bond. The immigration bond typically remains open for many years, while most vehicles quickly lose their value—if the immigration bail bonding company’s collateral can’t keep its value, will the life of the immigration bonding company be as long as the life of the bond?

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