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Immigration Attorney Advantages

Do you want to give your clients the best bonding help possible, and in the process generate more business for your practice?

As soon as you contact us with the immigration bond amount, we submit an electronic request to Enforcement and Removal Operations letting them know that we are ready to post bond for the alien. At that time we will also ask you to send us a copy of the immigration bail bond order, so we can update our contacts in the office to verify the bond.

Many immigration bail bonding companies simply wait for the deportation officer or Enforcement and Removal Assistant to update their system (EARM) with the immigration bond information, but that can take a day or more. In contrast, as soon as we receive the immigration bail bond order, we e-mail the person responsible for updating the bail bond amount, letting them know that the immigration bond has been set. The official can then request the hard file immediately or they can contact litigations to verify that the order we sent is legitimate.

Once the immigration bond is verified, the I-352 bond contact is drafted through eBONDS and will be submitted electronically directly to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Once the immigration bail bond is approved, a receipt is issued and your client will be released later that day.

Most immigration attorneys handling a deportation defense want to concentrate on strategy instead of the actual immigration bail bonding process. They will usually get the bail bond set in court by an immigration judge, and will then pass along a couple of numbers to their clients.

But US Immigration Bonds has many years of experience in dealing with Enforcement and Removal Operations, and we’ve developed a plan that saves your clients time and aggravation. When you call us before the immigration bond hearing, we can take care of the details involved in posting an immigration bail bond:

We save your valuable time, because our bilingual professionals will speak with the family to determine how much of an immigration bail bond they can afford. Knowing this crucial information enables you to ask for a specific immigration bail bond amount; so you can advise the court that if the bail bond is set above a certain amount, the alien will not be able to post the immigration bond, saving time by eliminating the need for a bail bond reduction hearing. We will also finalize all necessary paperwork and documentation.

If you wish, we will draft a letter that you can to take to the immigration bail bond hearing, letting the judge and prosecutor know that the family has already taken the initiative to arrange for a bail bond.

The best part is that we provide these services completely free of charge. Our interests are aligned with yours and your client’s because we only make money if we secure the release of the detained alien by posting an immigration bond.

Our no-fault guarantee: If your client does not end up using our service—regardless of the reason—we do not charge a penny.